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Wellco RCD Mains Safety Adaptor – UK Plug


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* Protects against the risk of electric shock
* UK Plug
* Indoor use for outdoor equipment including Lawnmowers Pressure Washers Ponds etc
* Provides added protection from electric shocks
* Trips out within 40 milliseconds
* Suitable for UK plugs only
* RCD adaptors are the simplest way of power protection in and around the home. They are ideal for lawnmowers hedge trimmers or any portable power tool. This adaptor is an electrical safety device which breaks a faulty electrical circuit. When installed the RCD can detect faults in the electrical system and is designed to disconnect quickly enough to prevent potential injury or death from electrocution by switching off the power supply almost instantly. It also provides protection against electrical currents flowing to earth that can occur when a person accidentally runs over a cable with a lawnmower. Ideally you would use an RCD adaptor with any electrical appliance.