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Universal Spool & Line


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4 in stock

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* Width 1.5 mm
* Length 10 m
* Your grass trimmer keeps the garden manicured by cutting into spaces with grass and weeds that the lawnmower can’t reach such as garden edges raised borders around tree bases and rocky areas. This Spool & Line is situated at the bottom of your trimmer and is responsible for the trimming action. It spins at a high rate of speed and cuts down any unwanted grass. Over time the line can split or break making this replacement essential. Top Tip: Changing your line at the start of the season makes trimming the garden easier. All trimmer line degrades over time and using new line offers greater flexibility and resilience which results in less line breakages. Delicate trimmer lines naturally can become worn or dulled or even split after striking rocks or hard surfaces making keeping a spare just good preparation. This quality replacement Spool & Line is perfect in keeping your trimmer performing at full capacity. Please check model fit list to ensure this part is correct for your model.