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Rolson Windscreen Ice / Sun Protector


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7 in stock

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* Anti-UV
* Protects car interior from the Sun
* Stores neatly when not in use
* Includes suction clips
* Dimensions : 130 x 60 cm
* Protect your windscreen with the Rolson Windscreen Ice / Sun Protector. The winter and summer months can be cruel to your cars exterior especially on the windscreen. Snow and ice not only stick to the glass but it can also freeze over the wiper blades so don't spend too much time scrapping off stuck ice on a cold morning and protect your windscreen with this Windscreen Ice / Sun Protector that measures 130 x 60cm. Whenever your car is parked in the sun simply unfold the cover and quickly attach it to your windscreen and with Anti-UV properties it will help reduce sunlight from overheating leather seats and dashboards. Too much exposure to sunlight can potentially accelerate fading and wear on either vinyl or leather interiors. Easily attach to the inside of windscreen with the suction cups provided to protect interior from sunshine alternatively position on exterior of windscreen to protect from ice and snow. It is also flexible enough to fold up and store in your car boot without taking up too much space.