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Rolson Universal Battery Tester


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7 in stock

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* Manufactured from ABS material
* Suitable to test: AAA AA C D 9V PP3 and 3R12
* Easy to read meter
* Dimensions : 52 x 50 x 25 mm
* Weight: 0.0450 (Kg)
* If you need to check how much power is left in a battery look no further then the Rolson Universal Battery Tester that quickly checks the condition/state of your batteries. The Battery Tester shows you the remaining power in the battery on a easy to read meter. Suitable for testing the popular AAA AA C D 9V PP3 and 3R12 sizes this tester is in a compact size to easily store in a camera bag pocket etc. Measures 52x50x25mm and weighs in at just 45 grams.