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Rolson 43 Piece Precision Screwdriver & Bit Set


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* 1 x Precision Screwdriver – With pocket clip
* 42 x 4mm Precision Screwdriver Bits
* Nickel plated
* Cross point PH000 x 2 PH00 x 2 PH0 x 2 PH1 x 3
* Slotted SL2 x 2 SL2.5 x 2 SL3 x 4
* Hex H1.5 x 2 H2 x 4 H3 x 2 H4 x 2
* Star T5 x 2 T6 x 2 T7 x 2 T8 x 2 T9 x 2 T10 x 2 T15 x 3
* The Rolson 43 Piece Precision Screwdriver & Bit Set is perfect for many different uses and useful in a variety of different tasks. This precision screwdriver is just like a regular screwdrivers but unlike a standard screwdriver it comes with a number of interchangeable bits that can be switched in and out depending on the project at hand. It is perfect for small devices such as watches calculators mobile phones and computers as these devices require the use of a precision screwdriver to undertake repairs. Rather than grasping the handle to apply force the 43 Piece Precision Screwdriver & Bit Set has been designed primarily to be rolled between the fingers to tighten or loosen screws. Thanks to 42 bits that are nickel plated you can work in confidence knowing your screwdrivers components resist corrosion and hold up to repeated use. If you need to change the batteries in a toy change a thermostat or tighten your sunglasses then you need this Precision Screwdriver & Bit Set.