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Permabond Epoxy Resin Adhesive Double Bubble


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7 in stock

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* Clear
* 3gm
* Rapid setting
* Correctly proportioned kit for easy use
* Bonds wide variety of materials including wood metal and ceramics and many plastics.
* Application: rapid repair and maintenance of engineering parts
* Extra fast sets in 3-5 minutes at 20°C
* The versatility of this Permabond Double Bubble Epoxy Resin means that it is an ideal adhesive for the most fiddly repair jobs on small or delicate components. Quick to set and usable with a wide range of materials and ceramics this resin sachet is a widely compatible bonding product. Permabond Double Bubble will bond to a wide variety of surfaces such as wood metal ceramics including many plastic and composite materials. It cures rapidly to give a handling strength in approximately 3-5 minutes at 20°C.