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Oust All Purpose Liquid Descaler: Kettle / Coffee Maker / Iron


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* Capacity: 250ml
* Superfast action – removes limescale in 10 minutes
* Limescale doesn't just look unpleasant – it can shorten the life of appliances too
* Oust multi-purpose descaler is formulated to work quickly and easily to restore most small household appliances to their best in just 10 minutes
* This bottle format can be used on kettles coffee and cappuccino machines and steam irons – it's also ideal for keeping toilet bowls pristine
* In just 10 minutes your appliance whether it be a coffee machine kettle or iron can be restored to when it was brand new! Limescale build-up in your appliances can reduce performance and can ultimately shorten lifespan. Impurities in tap water and use of harder waters can result in limescale on interior components of your appliance. It usually appears as a white or green build-up that forms on heating elements in appliances such as a steam irons or coffee machines. With the Oust 250ml All Purpose Liquid Descaler you will be able to remove limescale with no trouble leaving your appliance clean fresh and working much better making it ultimately last longer. Usage Directions: Kettle 1) Half fill kettle with water and boil before unplugging and placing in an empty sink. Add 3 capfuls of Oust and leave for 10 minutes. 2) If any scale remains reheat solution until it fizzes (but DO NOT boil) 3) Pour solution away: rinse kettle with cold water boil again with clean water and then rinse once more. Coffee Maker 1) Half fill water reservoir with water and add 3 capfuls of Oust. 2) Switch machine on and allow about half of the solution to filter through before switching off. 3) After 10 minutes switch machine on to filter through remainder of solution then empty down sink before running the machine through twice with clean water. Steam Iron
*Check manufacturer's instructions before use as some manufacturers may not recommend descaling
* 1) Heat iron until it is hand hot and then unplug (make sure iron is switched OFF during descaling). Add 1 capful of Oust to a jug of water and pour into iron's water chamber. Top up with water and set to steam position (but DO NOT turn iron back on) 2) Place iron in an empty plastic bowl with the warm plate facing down. Shake gently until solution starts to drain through steam holes. Leave for 10 minutes (or until empty). If iron has a spray button briefly pump any remaining solution through. 3) Rinse thoroughly with cold water drain and dry. To ensure solution is completely cleaned from iron briefly iron a spare piece of fabric before you next use the iron on clothes. Toilet Bowls 1) Squirt Oust under rim of bowl and leave for a few minutes before flushing.