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LyvEco 2W G4 Capsule Led Lamp (Warm White) 20W Equivalent


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* 2 watts
* Cap: G4
* Equivalent Watts: 20W
* Lamp Style: Capsule
* 210 Lumens
* Colour Temperature: 2700K (Warm White)
* Beam Angle: 300?
* Non-dimmable
* The 2W G4 Capsule LED Lamp is ideal for use in both homes and businesses. Light can have different colour temperatures indicated in units called Kelvin (K). This lamp has 2700(K) that produces a white light colour and is extremely energy efficient. It provides decorative and brilliant points of light that make it ideal for table and furniture luminaires as well as recessed lighting luminaires. One of the biggest benefits of the 2W G4 Capsule LED Lamp is that its LED technology helps reduce carbon footprint. Carbon footprint is the total amount of carbon dioxide emission that takes place due to our regular daily activities. The best ways of reducing carbon footprints is by using lamps more wisely and installing this G4 led lamp not only produces lesser heat but also helps to reduce carbon footprint. With a 2 Watts of power and 210 Lumens it's the perfect alternative to old halogen bulbs delivering energy savings cheaper to run and emitting the same output of light as old halogen bulbs.