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LyvEco 12W GLS ES LED Lamp (Daylight) 75W Equivalent


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* Replace traditional incandescent or halogen lamps for decorative lighting around the home
* Lamp Style: GLS
* Cap: ES(E27)
* Low energy
* Eco-friendly
* 12 Watts (Equivalent to 75W)
* 1050 Lumens
* Light lifespan: 25 000 hours
* Colour Temperature: 4000K (Daylight)
* 220° Beam angle
* Instant on
* Size: 115 x 45 mm
* Non-dimmable
* This 12W GLS ES/E27 LED Lamp delivers energy savings and the safety capabilities of LED technology making it ideal for general and decorative lighting around the home. It has been designed to replace traditional incandescent or halogen lamps and is both beautiful and functional while still offering great energy savings with no compromise on brightness. The lamp is fitted with a popular ES/E27 cap that will not only save you up to 85% of the energy needed to power its traditional equivalent but it will also produce an output of 1050lm in Daylight to provide a high quality of light. LED technology offers many advantages over incandescent neon and compact fluorescent lighting systems – such as exceptionally longer life span lower energy usage and reduced maintenance costs. LED bulbs achieve great energy savings by the amount of heat they create they save on power consumption by generating considerably less wasteful heat. This lamp features an extremely long lifespan of up to 25 000 hours which delivers considerably reduced carbon emissions and less waste as fewer lamps need to be disposed of. Light can have different colour temperatures indicated in units called Kelvin (K). This bulb has 4000(K) that produces a daylight colour and is extremely energy efficient.