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Hoover H30S Dust Bag (Pack of 5)


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* Also Known As: Paper Bag Vacuum Bag Cloth Bag
* Type: H30S
* PureFilt
* High filtration
* Boxed
* Includes 5x Dust Bags
* Has suction power of your vacuum cleaner almost completely disappeared recenely? Did you know that you should be looking to change your vacuum bag every month and sometimes more if you have pets such as cats or dogs or just have a lot of carpet to clean? Signs that you need to change the H30S Dust Bag: – You’ve noticed that vacuum suction has reduced – The cleaner is not picking up at all – Vacuum is spitting out dust and debris from the hose – Existing bag is torn or split – resulting in dirt and debris getting stuck in the cleaner Benefits of changing the bag: – More powerful suction and pick up performance – Improved air flow – Speeds up cleaning time By replacing your dust bag with one of these high quality ones the suction power will be back to it's best. Please check the list of suitable models to ensure that this spare part will fit your appliance.