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Hoover AC21 Textile Washable Microfibre Pads (Pack of 2)


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* Type: AC21
* Attach to base of floor head
* Washable
* Includes 1 x medium density pad and 1 x high density pad
* The AC21 Textile Washable Microfibre Pads are perfect for all round cleaning and can be used safely on any floor type. Thanks to microfibre properties these pads are made from a combination of polymers that are extremely small and designed for cleaning. This material is carefully woven into masses of fabric with incredible surface area and each microscopic fibre is lined with minuscule hooks and loops. With wedge-shaped edges the pads cut through stains attract dirt and lock everything in for a supreme clean. They lift dirt up from the floor and then store it within the microfibres resulting in quick easy mopping. Using the AC21 Textile Washable Microfibre Pads conserves water and requires fewer harsh chemicals to get surfaces clean. This kit includes: 1 x Medium-density pad – for normal everyday use 1 x High-density pad – for more stubborn dirt areas Please check model fit list to ensure this part is correct for your model.