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Handy Lawnmower Starter Kit


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* 1 x 5 Litre Fuel Can
* 1 x 600ml SAE30 Oil
* 1 x Fuel Filter Funnel
* The Lawnmower Starter Kit contains everything you need to maintain your equipment. Proper care of your lawnmower will yield years of service and help you save money. Your lawnmower gets a workout during the growing season but it won't run well without regular maintenance with this Lawnmower Starter Kit. Many manufacturers recommend changing the oil in your machine after every 25 hours of operation and for a new engine you'll need to change the oil after the first five hours of operation. Kit Contains: 5 Litre Fuel Can – If you find it inconvenient or impossible to refuel your lawnmower or other equipment directly from the pump you need a way to transport it. This 5 Litre Paddy Hopkirk fuel can is designed with a easy to use spout providing the safest and easiest way to transfer fuel from the pump to your petrol engine. 600ml SAE30 Oil – It’s important to change the oil in your lawnmower regularly as old oil not only gets dirty but the additives in the oil also break down over time. The high grade 4 stroke engine oil has a 600ml capacity and is suitable for many lawnmower engines. For optimum lawnmower performance you should change oil after the first 5 hours of use for a new lawnmower then at least once every spring or summer gardening season or every 25 hours of operation whichever comes first. Fuel Filter Funnel – The purpose of the fuel filter funnel is to remove water dirt and debris from your fuel. Dirt and water in stored fuel can cause engine shutdown or reduced performance. This funnel has a 100mm diameter and comes complete with a fine nylon gauze filter. Lawnmower maintenance is important to extend the life of your lawnmower.