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Hama Sonic LS-206 PC Stereo Speakers


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* 2.0 Speaker for computers and notebooks
* Power supply via 3.0 USB port
* Backlit volume control for individual continuous volume control
* Connection: 3.5 mm Jack Plug / USB 3.0 A Plug
* Frequency Range Speaker: 50 – 20000 Hz
* Peak Power: 6W
* Voltage: 5V
* Speaker Dimension: W:7.8 x D:7.5 x H:17.8 (cm)
* Weight: 560g
* Enhance the multimedia experience of your PC with the Sonic LS-206 PC Stereo Speakers from Hama. The Sonic LS-206 PC Stereo Speakers are compact and lightweight weighing just 560g to provide you the quality you might expect from a bigger heavier and more expensive unit. Designed to be easily portable the speakers have a USB 3.0 power source meaning that they do not have to be tethered to a mains outlet making them ideal to move around where you need them. Just connect the speakers to your computer with a standard 3.5mm plug or USB and you're ready to go. Play games and listen to music with greater intensity!