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Hama Inch FancyInch 64GB USB 2.0 Pendrive


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HAMA Inch FANCYInch 64GB PENDRIVE USB .2.0 – (66X/10MB/S)

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* Removable storage medium that allows data to be written and erased as many times as is required
* Ideal for capacity expansion
* Memory Capacity: 64 GB
* Transfer Rate (Reading): 10 MB/s
* LED Function Display – gives connection status information
* Suitable for terminal devices with a USB interface
* With an eye for attaching the pen e.g. to a keyring
* Connection: USB-A Plug
* USB Standard: USB 2.0
* Includes cap
* USB Stick made of brushed aluminium
* Dimensions : D:8 x H:20 x W:66 (mm)
* The Hama Inch FancyInch 64GB USB 2.0 Pendrive lets you carry digital information in your pocket. A pendrive is a type of flash drive named for its small pen-like appearance. This pendrive can be inserted directly into a USB port without a USB cord and due to its lack of a cord it's extremely mobile. With a large 64GB capacity and a reading transfer rate of 100 MB/s the Inch FancyInch 64GB USB 2.0 Pendrive is a must for transferring documents pictures and music files. Its compact size measuring 8 x 20 x 66 mm makes it easier to transport than other forms of external data storage. If you need to transfer pictures movie files and music from one computer to another you will want something that can hold a large amount of storage. With 64GB you can hold all those holiday pictures and videos that are taking up all that space on their digital camera or laptop. Protected in brushed aluminium this pendrive is made with durable materials which help protect its delicate internal circuitry. The USB connector is also strong so that the occasional bump won't loosen the internal connections. Simply plug in the pendrive into a USB port and you can transfer your files from your personal computer to the device or vice versa.