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* Special non-fluffing cloth with anti-static effect to clean all types of compact discs/LPs
* Removes dust and fingerprints to improve reproduction quality
* Improves playback quality of video and sound carriers
* Microfibre cloth – 80% polyester 20% polyamide
* CD / LP Cloth
* Washable: Up to 30°C
* size 20 x 20 cm
* The Hama Universal CD Cleaning Cloth can help make cleaning all your surfaces super-easy. Providing you with a high quality microfibre cloth which is used to collect up dust and dirt leaving you with a clean surface. This cloth enables you to gently clean your CDs DVDs and LPs more quickly with just one wipe over the surface. It prevents the need to go over the same spot again. This cleaning technique will help improve playback quality of video and sound carriers when used for your CDs DVDs and LPs and will remove dust from visible surfaces. With the microfibre cloth that is fluff-free with antistatic properties you can ensure there will be no traces of this cloth after cleaning. Machine washable up to 30°C means you are able to use the same cloth over and over again without putting the collected dust and dirt already on the cloth back on to your surfaces.