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Electruepart Universal 35mm Push Fit Upholstery Tool


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* Fits externally to 35 mm Vacuum Hoses & Extension Tubes
* Width 130 mm
* Perfect for pulling stubborn pet hair lint and dirt from upholstery and curtains
* C/W Lint strips
* The Universal 35mm Upholstery Tool is perfect for coaxing dust from sofas chairs mattresses and cushions. It has been designed with a wider head than the crevice tool and is has no brushes or rollers. Usually it is hard to lift a vacuum onto your sofa making the upholstery tool ideal for pulling dust and dirt out of furniture. This tool doesn’t have any brushes but it delivers typically more powerful suction to get the crumbs out of gaps in your upholstery. Simple to fit all you need to do is slot the upholstery tool onto the nozzle at the end of your cleaner’s hose. Once the tool is fitted you’re ready to take on those dusty sofas car seats and dirty floors. Measuring 130mm wide the Universal 35mm Upholstery Tool is excellent at getting dust and debris out from the nooks and crannies of your soft furnishings without damaging any of the covering fabric. It can even be used to freshen up your mattress and thanks to lint strips on the underside it’s great at removing hair. Use this 35mm Upholstery Tool to restore your cleaner’s ability to dislodge hair and dirt that lies tangled deep into your upholstery. This is a universal 35mm Upholstery Tool that is suitable for vacuum cleaners that have a 35mm diameter hose connection please check your vacuum connection fitting size to ensure that this product is suitable.