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Electruepart Universal 32mm Push Fit Crevice Tool


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5 in stock

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* Fits externally to 32 mm Vacuum Hoses & Extension Tubes
* Ideal for spaces such as gaps crevices cracks etc
* Get at any confined or awkward spaces
* Introducing the Universal 32mm Crevice Tool perfect for cleaning in tight corners and difficult to reach areas such as skirting boards. This long pointed tool has a 32mm diameter pushing easily onto your cleaners hose or extension wand. Once attached you will now be able to suck up crumbs lint and dust from; between sofa cushions or car seats and behind or under the fridge. Thanks to its narrow tip it concentrates the airflow from your cleaner into very powerful suction that lets you squeeze the tool between areas where the entire vacuum can’t reach. The home and car is full of nooks and crannies where dirt and debris can build up. That’s why this Universal 32mm Crevice Tool has been designed to give you greater access to the sections down the back of the car seats underneath the sofa or the top of the skirting board. If your existing crevice tool is not working as well as you know it should then this is an ideal replacement that will help improve the performance of your vacuum cleaner. Harness the power of your vacuum cleaner to clean every inch of your home with the Universal 32mm Crevice Tool. This is a universal 32mm Crevice Tool that is suitable for vacuum cleaners that have a 32mm diameter hose connection please check your vacuum connection fitting size to ensure that this product is suitable.