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Electruepart Universal 31mm to 37mm Screw Fit Dusting Brush


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4 in stock

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* Fits externally to: 31-37mm Vacuum Hoses & Extension Tubes
* Length 200 mm
* Cleaning Head Diameter: 45 mm
* Perfect for dusting books shelves and just about any application
* Soft bristles
* Supplied with screw fit collar and pip fitting collar
* Keep your home thoroughly clean with the Universal 31mm to 37mm Dusting Brush. With the Dusting Brush you can now clean dust in overlooked places such as windowsills venetian blinds lampshades lighting fixtures houseplants screens and curtains. Featuring round soft bristles and a cleaning head diameter of 45mm it helps clean many areas and if your cleaner is equipped with variable suction you can also use the brush for more delicate tasks. If you have delicate items in your home and are worried about knocking them over with vacuum tools then this Dusting Brush is really handy as it is gentle enough to dust around items without knocking them over. The soft bristles loosen layers of built-up dirt and grime to give your home a comprehensive clean. This Dusting Brush offers great versatility as it can be used for general purpose cleaning and items that might be scratched by harder vacuum attachments. Fits all vacuum cleaners with a 31mm to 37mm connection fitting but please check your vacuum connection fitting size to ensure that this product is suitable: