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Electruepart Universal 2.5m Vent Hose (4Inch Dia)


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VENT HOSE ONLY 4Inch x2.5M(8′)T/D to fit UNIVERSAL (4Inch =100mm Dia)

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* Universal vent hose only
* Length: 2.5m
* Diameter: 4Inch
* If your tumble dryer’s hose is faulty damaged or unsuitable for your ventilation needs then use this Universal Vent Hose to ensure that moisture from the dryer is expelled where you want it to be. The purpose of the vent hose is to allow steam to escape your tumble dryer either by attaching the hose to an outside vent or hanging it out of a window. This vent hose is easy to install and fits most tumble dryers. Suitable for most tumble dryers that require an outlet hose with a diameter of 10.2 cm (4Inch ).