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Electruepart Poly V Drive Belt 1228 J5


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Poly V DRIVE BELT 1228J5

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* Poly V belt
* Section J5
* Length 1228 mm
* If the belt has gone in your washing machine ensure smooth performance once more with this replacement Poly V belt. The Poly-V Belt or Ribbed Belt as it is also known resembles a flat belt – but with V-shaped ribs along the inside surface for increased friction force between the pulley and the belt.

Over time the belt in your washing machine can become loose or worn and in extreme cases can even snap. Without a fully working belt the drum of your washing machine will not be able to spin around or will at least not be able to rotate at the speeds to which you have been used to. The end result of this is that your clothes do not get cleaned as effectively as they would if you have a fully working drive belt.

Features & Benefits
V-shaped ribs on the inside of the belt
Increased friction force
Transfers power very effectively

Please check model fit list to ensure this part is correct for your model.