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Electruepart Filter-Flo Synthetic Dust Bags (Pack of 5)


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4 in stock

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* Type: Compatible to 5093ER
* Once the bag is full you can use the provided caps to seal the bag up so no dust can escape when you dispose of it.
* Includes 5 x synthetic dust bags
* 5 Layer filtration
* 100% Recyclable
* Up to 50% longer life cycle
* 40% More efficient
* Material: Synthetic
* Collar Type: Plastic
* If the dust bag in your vacuum becomes too full it will mean that you will experience less suction power – and therefore a weaker cleaning performance from your vacuum. Care and maintenance such as changing the bag on a regular basis is important to the continued performance of your vacuum. These bags are not your standard bags as they feature Filter-Flo filtration – which offer 50% longer life compared to ordinary bags due to the dust being absorbed into the fibres without their pores being blocked. Another added benefit to these Filter-Flo bags is that the air is filtered 40% more efficiently than a standard paper bag – and helps to remove allergens bacteria and other airborne particles. Due to this these bags are particularly good for people who suffer from allergies. These Filter-Flo bags are also tougher and more durable than other regular bags as they offer a greater resistance to sharp objects that may be collected during the vacuuming. As these bags area 100% recyclable they are good for the environment. The key to the success of these bags is the filtration levels that it provides. The inner layer acts as the first filter which helps to prevent pores from being blocked – which in turn helps the bag to retain its strength. The middle internal layer provides great filtration levels for dust – so you are left with a healthier home environment while also improving the performance of your vacuum. Finally the external layers of the bag offer a high level of tear resistance. This means that the bag is less likely to rip where dust clouds can then be exhausted into the air. With such a durable bag it means that certain items that you would not usually be able to vacuum up can be. Please check the model fit list to ensure that this is the correct bag for your vacuum.