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Electruepart Cooker Hood Grease Paper & Carbon Filter Kit


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* Saturation indicator
* Removes grease particles and odours
* 1 x Cut to size striped paper grease filter 114cm x 47cm
* 1 x Cut to size charcoal filter 57 x 47cm
* Flame retardent
* With this Cooker Hood Grease Paper & Carbon Filter Kit you get two filters that can be cut to an exact size making them ideal for 60cm models ! These filters are used with your cooker hood to remove odours airborne grease and particles from your kitchen's air that can naturally build up during use especially when frying. Filters must be kept in good condition for your cooker hood to work efficiently so replace saturated or damaged filters with these fresh filters to keep your cooker hood working powerfully. The carbon filter is important for removing odours while the hood is recirculating air around the kitchen. It is particularly important if your cooker hood does not have outside venting. These filters are best replaced every 3 to 12 months (depending on how often you cook) and include saturation indicators to make correctly replacing the filters more convenient. Fitting Instructions Wear disposable gloves during this process as changing a cooker hood filter can be messy! 1. Remove the grid on your cooker hood 2. With the black stripes facing in cut your new grease filter to size 3. Cut your charcoal filter to size and place it on the inside of the grease filter. 4. Put the cooker hood grid back into place Cooker Hood Maintenance Tips 1. Change your filters as soon as they have reached saturation. They will no longer be useful at this point. 2. Duct the fumes to the outside air in the summer. 3. Use the cooker hood in recirculating mode in the winter.