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Easy-Do Hob-Care Hob Conditioner Cleaner


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* Capacity: 250ml
* Cleans and conditions your hob
* Also ideal for cleaning glass and enamel cookware and other surfaces that require a mildly abrasive cleaner
* It is designed for everyday use and leaves a silicon film that protects the hob against damage from harmful sugars and starches
* The silicone in Easy-Do Cleaner Conditioner leaves a protective shield that makes the next clean easier
* Recommended for Creda Hotpoint Euro Kera and all leading brands
* Best selling Easy-Do HobCare cuts through stubborn baked on grease fat & oil and is specially formulated to clean polish and protect your hob. Spillages on to your hob can be difficult to remove as they burn onto the hot glass. As the glass can be damaged by harsh abrasives Hobcare Cleaner Conditioner combines a gentle blend of natural abrasive with surfactant detergents – the result is a powerful cleaning cream that is gentle on your hob but easy on your elbow!