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E-Cloth Window Cleaning Cloth Pack


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3 in stock

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* For streak free and sparkling windows
* Chemical free cleaning
* Window Cloth: 40cm x 40cm
* Glass & Polishing Cloth: 40cm x 50cm
* This pack is ideal for cleaning all types of windows without the use of expensive cleaning chemical solutions – just water. Specifically developed to remove grease dirt and bacteria – so you can achieve far better results without the need for chemicals! Enjoy cost and time saving benefits compared to ordinary cleaning – plus health and environment benefits. The pack contains a Window Cloth which removes grease grime and dirt from all windows and frames both inside and out. With a highly absorbent fibre structure that expands when wet enabling even the toughest dirt to be effortlessly lifted trapped and removed. A Glass & Polishing Cloth specialist fibre construction and weave increases the speed at which moisture is absorbed. This cloth will remove even the lightest grease from glass leaving it completely streak-free for the perfect smear free finish.