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Dr.Beckmann Service-It Washing Machine Cleaner


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* Cleans Freshens & Maintains
* Liquid Formula – one treatment per bottle
* 250 ml Capacity
* Removes residues of detergent fabric softeners dirt and grease
* Removes limescale from washing machine heating element
* Pleasant floral fragrance
* Washing machine can be used again straight after treatment
* Easy to follow instructions
* Use at 60° with an empty drum
* Use every 2 months or 30 washes
* The Dr. Beckmann Service-It Washing Machine Cleaner reduces stale odours limescale and detergent build up whilst cleaning and sanitising the internal parts of your washing machine. Regular use of your washing machine will over time affect its reliability especially when washing at low temperatures. The Dr. Beckmann Washing Machine Cleaner works to eliminate detergent residues that form on the drum pipes and seals of your appliance blasting away the dirt and grime that creates unpleasant odours. Limescale is especially a problem in areas of hard water and can cause significant damage to the internal parts of your appliances if it is allowed to build up. This cleaner will eradicate the build-up of limescale making your appliance more energy efficient ensuring optimum performance and reducing power consumption. It helps keep pipes and the drum clean providing you the best possible wash results.