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Care+Protect Universal 500ml Iron Descaler


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* Capacity: 500ml
* Suitable for all iron brands
* Removes scale
* Improves performance
* Prolongs life of appliance
* The Care+Protect Universal Iron Descaler removes limescale and keeps the performance of your steam iron at maximum level! After repeatedly putting tap water into your iron to produce steam you may begin to notice a build-up of limescale. Limescale occurs when water has evaporated and the remaining sediments attach to the various internal components of your iron. The build-up of limescale can cause damage to the irons water pipes and prevent water from piping out steam. With the Care+Protect Universal Iron Descaler added to your iron's water tank you can help stop scale being pushed through the soleplate forming those white/brown stains that often get transferred to your fabrics. Top Tip: Monthly treatment is recommended. Reduce scale deposits and help prolong the life of your iron.