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Care+Protect Professional Dishwasher Cleaner (Pack of 6)


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* Removes grease and washing residues
* Sanitises and removes odours
* Safe touch- water-soluble protective film
* Suitable for all dishwasher brands
* Lime fragrance
* Includes 6 x 20g tablets (Providing a 6 month supply)
* Remove sediments of grease and washing residues from your dishwasher with the Care+Protect Professional Dishwasher Cleaner! Occasionally you will need to clean your dishwasher of sediments like hard water deposits and food particles. This is because over time grease soap scum and food debris builds up causing a breeding ground for germs and also reducing the efficiency of the dishwasher. This Care+Protect Professional Dishwasher Cleaner pack contains six 20g active-tabs that have been developed for the thorough cleaning of your dishwasher. Once you put a tablet into the tub and proceed with a wash cycle it thoroughly cleans the filter and internal parts of your dishwasher such as the tub pipes etc. Its powerful formula first works by removing sediments of grease and washing residues and then it eliminates bad smells by releasing a nice lime fragrance. For added care and protection the tablets feature a safe touch water-soluble protective film that will help you avoid direct contact of the powder with skin. Top Tip: For best performance a monthly treatment is recommended. Keep your dishwasher clean and smelling fresh.