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ABC Products High Speed HDMI Cable – 5m


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8 in stock

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* Cable length: 5m
* High Speed Transfer: 10.2 Gbps
* 3D Over HDMI
* Full HD: 1980 x 1080P
* Dolby TrueHD / DTS-HD Master Audio
* Achieve exceptional quality when connecting all your audio/visual high definition devices with this 5m High Speed HDMI Cable. What is an HDMI Cable? This HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) cable carries digital video and audio signals. It provides the clearest picture and sound that is possible when connecting high-definition video sources like Blu-ray players game consoles and HD-capable satellite and cable TV boxes to HDTV's and home theatre receivers. This cable handles 1080p resolutions as it features a bandwidth of 10.2 Gbps which is enough to process all HDMI features at the same time. Thanks to its 3D function it also offers true 3D gaming and 3D home theatre viewing. When it comes to watching the latest movie or playing that new video game this High Speed HDMI Cable will transfer all your content to a monitor or TV.